The Chimera Soldier

Categoria: Artista: Àlvar Roda

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I have always been committed to social justice, human rights and a true education for peace. One of my references has been Arcadi Oliveres whom I met many years ago. In his final farewell, he left us a powerful legacy of struggle and comitment, which would be a reference for me throughout my entire life.

This song is but a small token of appreciation and gratitude to Arcadi Oliveres whose memory will live in me forever. I hope and wish that his legacy, as well as his person, come to the knowledge of many people of goodwill.

For Arcadi Oliveres, who was linked and committed to Peace, Human Rights, Social Justice and t’he rejection of savage capitalism throughout his life. May his cry for hope l’ast forever among all of us. Two versions have been made, one in Catalan and the other in English:





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