35 anys Miquel Pujadó

12,10 IVA inc.

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The double CD 35 anys is released three decades and half after the recording of Miquel Pujadó’s first album of songs, El temps dels fanals en flor, and includes:
– The new recordin of his first songs, with a musical treatment near to the original composition (guitar, accordion –Manel López- and double bass –Joan Humet-), and a never recorded song of the same period (“L’avi Manel”).
– The original recording of the album El temps dels fanals en flor, with great musicians like Joan Albert *Amargós, Pere Bardagí, Pi de la Serra, Jordi Bonell, etc.
– A version piano/voice of the well known song “A Terrassa hi ha una plaça”
– The republising of the CD A contraveu (up to now, the last album of songs totally written and compound by Pujadó, and one of his best works, that includes songs how “El fabricant d’oficis”, “Navegar en solitari” and “Aigua estancada”). The orchestrations are by Esteve *Molero.
– A version piano/voice of the song “Malgrat tot, la vida” (prize Cerverí to the best lyric).