Any Zero

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Category: Artista: Àfrica i Isma Pérez

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“We all have lived a Zero Year, one of those moments in life in which we have taken a look back and burned everything that smells old in order to keep on moving. The songs of the record I am introducing are the result of one of those beginnings.
As Karles Torra, music critic, comments: “it is a work of great conceptual originality and of a considerable specific weight, planned as a kaleidoscopic sounding annuary, and laid down through an exquisite collection of themes inspired by the diferent colours, tones, landscapes and vital sensations that take place around the twelve months of the calendary.”
I would like to thank the complicity of Àfrica Pérez, one of the most sensitive Catalan voices, as well as the inputs of guitar player and producer Jordi Pegenaute and the rest of the musicians that have participated in the recording: Joan Andreu Reyes, keyboards, Jaume Pascual, bass, Eudald Boluda, drums, and Josep Andreu Macau at the percussion. To all of them my most heartfelt thanks.”

Isma Pérez