Cachitos de papel

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AIRE’s first album takes its name from one of the original songs of the set. “Cachitos de papel” (small pieces of paper) Temps Record, 2016.

The record includes old songs in Spanish that have touched everyone. The rhythms of “copla” and “bolero” reach a new character through modern arrangements that provide a “soulish” sound with “flamenco”, jazz and latin nuances. The two original songs written by Paula Dominguez could  be labeled as ethnic-flamenco-jazz according to the band members.

“Cachitos de Papel” is a metaphor that symbolizes the flow of events in our lives and the mental flexibility that allows to find new ways to approach reality when preconceived plans just don’t work.

It’s a reflection about our mental rigidity and an invitation to shift paradigms and think out of the box exploiting all the possibilities offered by life.