Cançons mecanoscrites

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“I never thought I would make a record like “Cançons mecanoscrites” (Temps Record 2016). But sometimes life puts us upside down, and once we get back on our feet, we are not the same. Nothing is the same. I usally work around jazz with my saxophone, but this time, to my surprise, a waterflow of songs, melodies and verses, came out of me. Till the river went dry. Till everything that had to ve said was said”.

That’s what Martí Serra tells us about his last CD, a very special, personal album that moves away from jazz into the world of songwriting and pop music. Besides the saxophone, his usual instrument, this time Serra plays also the electric bass and sings, although the main singer on the record is Gemma Abrié.

Drummer and percussionist Aleix Tobias, guitarists David Soler and Josep Traver, and pianist Mar Serra are the other members of Pintors d’Ànimes, the band that shapes ten original compositions that walks us through the musical and personal inner world of Martí Serra. This is an emotional, moving album. Worked carefully till the smallest detail, from performance to recording, from musical arrangements to the art design.