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“Canvis” (Changes) is the debut album of CHRISTIAN PENALBA. The repertoire, formed by cant d’estil,jota, fandango, seguidillas, boleroand malagueña, travels through the Valencian Country from north to south, but also enters Castilian and Murcia lands. He has been chosen by him (with some proposals from the producer), and has chosen a whole series of pieces that he knows well, although none of them are part of those he has interpreted so far.

The lyrics of the three cants d’estilpresent on the album have been written for the occasion by his usual versaorfor last 4 years, Salvador Ribes.

Pere Ródenas (responsible for the arrangements, production and recording of this work) explains that the sound of the album has been based precisely on these three cants d’estil: the musicians chosen for these three pieces are the same who plays in the rest of the album , to provide coherence to it. Likewise, it has been wanted to avoid over-production, and bring the sound of the disc closer to the one that can later be heard in live concerts.

In the words of CHRSTIAN PENALBA, the title “Canvis” refers to the slight variations, the changes in the rhythm, and the new vocal ornaments that have wanted to be printed in the interpretation of all these traditional themes.

The musicians who have participated in this album are Xus Belda (percussion), Pere Ródenas (percussion, electric bass and guitars), Vicent Carrasco (guitarro) and Tony Molina (trombone, fiscorno and trumpet).

The album has had the vocal collaborations of his brother Jonatan Penalba and the Murcian singer Carmen María Martínez Salazar. Also noteworthy is the participation, in percussion, of Pep Gimeno “Botifarra”.

Recorded at Xàtiva in October and November 2019, the album will be released in January 2020 by the Catalan label Temps Record.