Vol.2 : Consciència de classe

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Category: Artistas: Névoa , Vicenç Solsona

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Vol. 2   “Consciència de classe”

La Névoa and guitarist Vicenç Solsona have worked together on the fado formation that the singer is leading and, since 2010, have a joint project as a duet. “Conciència de classe” (Class consciousness) (Temps Record, 2019) is the second work that emerged from “this collaboration, with 11 songs of different genres chosen to speak, essentially, of fraternity.

Jean-Paul Sartre said hell are the others … and there are days that look like this. Italo Calvino writes that humans live in hell that we build among all, and that what we have to do is find what is not hell and make it grow. Class consciousness, or, in other words, fraternity, is a way of detecting what unites us to humans and makes them grow.

See and recognize the other to knit something that reconcile us. References from Zeca Afonso, Ovidi Montllor, Jacques Brel, Toti Soler, Quintero, León and Quiroga, among others.