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“Contradiccions” (Temps Record, 2020), Anaïs Vila’s forthcoming album, emphasizes her evolution. A renewed sound, a new stylistic universe and some social criticism come together on her latest album. Electric guitars and synthesizers mark the singer’s new sound space, leaving behind her most acoustic side and looking for new arrangements without electric bass.

Her lyrics, always careful and sincere, sound truthfully through her voice, contained and, at the same time, full of nuances. Emotions management, critiques of materialism or the selfishness which we live everyday are topics that appear in the new songs. It sounds from today, it sounds real, it sounds from the inside, it sounds matured.

Produced by the musicians Andreu Moreno (Eduard Gener, Clara Peya …) and Pep Soler (Person Person, Hesse …), who also record the synthesizers and Moreno the drums, the electric guitars of Jordi Bastida (Trau, Els Pets). , Ramon Mirabet …) joined them. Recorded and mixed at Medusa Estudio Barcelona this summer by Juanjo Alba and Roger Rodés, the recording has been possible after a successful crowdfunding campaign.