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The Ephemeroptera or mayflies – some common insects that receive this name because they live precisely one day – have served as inspiration to Albert Guillén Salas, Esverd, intertwining nine songs that are reflections and experiences on the passage of time and an invitation to live in the present.

The album “Efímeres” (Temps Record, 2018) begins and ends with two versions of a folk opening to the world: ‘Una vida en 24 hores’ and ‘Bon dia, de nou!’. But soon after a rage of rock and trinkets of percussion emanate from the song ‘Astronauta’ followed by a consoling sway in ‘Em costa prendre decisions’. In the middle of the album, and as in life itself, ‘La migdiada’ appears where sensuality and joy are awakened on a very thin sheet of jazz with a touch of French air.

The record moves on to some picaresque pop with ‘Una excusa’, calling on the listener to choose to live. These two themes contrast with ‘Qui se’n recordarà?’ and ‘Estic a prop’, which are reflections on transcendence and the meaning of life, with harmonies and arrangements that are as disturbing as they are liberating. Finally, we return to folk with ‘S’acaba el temps’ leaving you with a serene farewell.

To make this album possible, Esverd has had the collaboration of Albert Sabater (percussions), Mercè Vilardell  (background vocals) and Carlos Charra (mixing, mastering and co-production).

Designer Hernán Verdinelli has created the graphic art of the CD cover and the libretto.

Currently, two video clips from the album can be seen on the Internet: ‘Una vida en 24 hores’ and ‘Astronauta’. Shortly, we will also publish a video clip for ‘La Migdiada’.