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Nelsa Baró presents his first work in studio “Espejos” (Temps Record 2017). Eleven pieces to Piano Solo, nine of them original, full of colors, landscapes, textures; In short, reflections of the musical “Mirrors” of Nelsa. It completes two versions of “El Manisero” and “Perla Marina”, which bring us closer to the Cuban universe.

From contemporary music, evoking romanticism, to jazzy harmonies, converge in this trunk of “Mirrors” where Nelsa seems to invite us to choose the reflection that we like the most.

Pianist, arranger and composer based in Barcelona, ​​born and formed musically in Cuba, in the Conservatories “Manuel Saumell”, “Amadeo Roldán” and the Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA), like the island, is a recipient of multiple cultural influences, That have given him a vision of open music and without frontiers.

Different genres and musical styles have served as a source of inspiration and studies, then transformed and inserted into a language of its own, where classical, traditional and popular Cuban music, as well as jazz and classical-contemporary have a vital presence.

From the beginning of his professional career this artistic conception is outlined, by including in his recitals as an interpreter, some original composition or improvisation. She works as an accompanying pianist at the Institut del Teatre in Barcelona, ​​and is the pianist and arranger of Mayte Martín, with whom she has collaborated on three of her albums “Tiempos de Amar”, “Al cantar a Manuel” and “Cosa de Dos “, Also performing with her concerts and tours throughout Europe and Latin America.
Many other collaborations in the musical field, as well as in the dance and the performing arts fill an active musical life of constant exploration and renewal.

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