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“Kontimba” (Temps Record, 2020) is a project created and leaded by the trumpet player and composer Gregori Hollis. The group is formed by fourteen musicians and it is focused on a very modern genre of “Salsa” called “Timba”. Percussion instruments and voice predominate in it, but it also introduces very complex harmonies and counterpoints coming from jazz and classical music, which gives more prominence to the brass section and the harmony.

The single contains two original songs by Gregori Hollis and an arrangement from the “Camaleón” song (an original song by Rubén Blades), created and sung by Gonzalo Grau, Gregori’s referent, mentor and teacher. This single was recorded in April 2017, but, finally, to this day, it has already come out and we can find it in all the digital platforms.

Banda: Arnau Figueres, Kquimi Saigi, Ignasi Zamora, Carlos Reyes Compota, Pep Terricabras, Vic Mirallas, Albert Carrique, Raül Gallego, Sergi Aragó, Miki García, Alex Dee