La Tierra se sacude

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Malaga singer-songwriter Paula Domínguez has composed and published a new original song, created during these weeks of confinement. As she says: “From the roller coaster of emotions that I experienced the first two weeks of confinement, this song was born. It came out like this. I didn’t ask for it. I share it with you.”

The song is titled (The Earth Shakes) “La Tierra se sacude” and Paula Domínguez premieres it with a pure and naked video, a live performance from her home studio in Barcelona.
Paula Domínguez has many years of experience in the music scene. She has a degree in higher musical studies in the flamenco modality from Taller de Músics. Throughout his career he has collaborated on projects with the Cuban Sound Project by Demetrio Muñiz, the Galician Symphony Orchestra and the Original Jazz Orchestra of the Taller de Músics, in addition to performing at national and international festivals. He has gained popularity with the two albums he has released with Aire, a jazz-fusion group in which he put the voice and composed the lyrics (in addition to playing classics), and also for appearing on television programs such as “Tu Cara No Me Suena Still “,” La Voz “,” El Hormiguero “or” Zapeando “.