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Raska releases new single and video clip with ‘Latidos’

Two years after the release of his third album “Renaissance of Ashes,” Raska returns to the charge with the single ‘Latidos’. In his new work, the Baix Montseny group consolidates its commitment to critical rock and mestizaje, while at the same time it achieves an impressive claiming discourse that is evident in both the lyrics and the clip.

‘Latidos’ is a song to the world. A shout of overwhelming assistance with the Raska shakes and urges the public to open their eyes to a dehumanized society, where the most essential values ​​seem to have fallen into oblivion. Thus, the group demands the awakening of the people and their spirit of solidarity.

Without electronic bases or typified clichés, Raska finds an intense and rich sonic world, where rock rhythmic bases and the expressive care of instrumental solos, vocal choirs and the wind section are not lacking. The collaboration of the independent artist Young Johnson brings depth to the single, with a personal voice that appeals to the most remote concerns of the individual.

The recording of this new single by Juanjo Alba, from Medusa Studio, while for the mixing and mastering the group re-trusts RPM studies, with whom he has already worked with the album “Renaissance of ashes.” The video clip, for its part, is directed by Adrià Draper and Toni Llobet.