Lyricism on 432Hz-Tuned tenor saxophone

Category: Artista: Iscle Datzira

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It begins gently and it’s getting up very progressively. It’s a CD to listen from the top to the end, to relax and to focus. To seat on the sofa and do nothing but just listen. Because music is alive and cannot die. Because sound is music and sound is vibration. Because music is vibration and vibration is everything. Everything is music, we are music, and therefore, we cannot die either.
“Young saxophonist with already a strong personal universe and a remarkable musical maturity, Iscle will make you twirl with his way to revisit the jazz classic works, his controlled improvisations, and his characterized melodies of an uncompromising technique. A delightful discovery, to be followed closely!”
– Les Musicophages (Toulouse, FRANCE)