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Although not abandoning the jazz roots, they explore Latin classical composers, musicians: Cuban, Mexican, Chilean or Brazilian. .
A sound trip to explore music and message, voice and melody, rhythm and freedom. With modern arrangements and improvisations, they get a fantastic result that does not leave the audience indifferent.
A magic of melodies, with the importance of the message of the letters, within a well-crafted repertoire. The word and the message, where lyrics and music are a set, this is the common nexus in the formation of the project.
An intense connection with a very measured sensitivity between them. With emotions, memories of childhood, the versatility and fusion of different cultures, they find themselves at an unbeatable commonplace. The expansion of the essence of the soul through the Music.
The exquisite sound of the voice, the instrumental delicacy and its repertoire, almost force us to become an accomplice of this trip that excites from the first musical note for the Sounds and Músiques of South America, Central America and the Caribbean.
Wishing you enjoy our music as much as us, we would like you to be part of our trip.