SCARS. Part 1: Escape.

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“Escape” is a pop song written and produced by Alex Barat and sung by Silvia Farrés (lead vocalist of JoKB).

The song is part of “Scars”, a project created by Anabel Romero, Carla Molina and Alex Barat. It is made up of three songs, each one with its music video. The aim of “Scars” is to support the LGBTI community and to spread a message of equality and self-acceptance.

“Escape” (song and music video) is the first chapter of “Scars”, which lyrically and visually tells the story of a girl who feels that she doesn’t fit anywhere: she is lesbian and she doesn’t accepts herself. Consequently, she decides to leave the place where she has lived all her life and to drive around aimlessly. In the music video, this lack of self-acceptance causes her some cracks in her skin.

The following chapters of “Scars” will be released later this year.