Sinatra 100 anys

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July 1966. Sands Casino, Las Vegas. Frank Sinatra sings along the Count Basie Orchestra, directed by Quincy Jones, some of the most well-known American classics.

October 2014. Somewhere in Gracia, Barcelona. Beside the saxophonist Albert Carrique, I have the pleasure to shake hands, for the first time, with Bruno Oro. Of course I know who he is. But until this moment I have not had the pleasure to meet him. I have also listened to all of his CD’s and even performed a casting to him secretly.

It seems that Bruno has also done its homework and at least googled me to little know who am I, to know who is this reckless that is offering him to sing Frank Sinatra’s songs along with a “Big Band”. At first, I get disappointed when he admits: “I am not a Sinatra’s big fan”. Second disappointment: “the show Polonia takes me most of my time”. I do not even know how I did it, but I showed an unexpected persuasive attitude and Bruno accepted to listen the songs, to further study Sinatra and finally I convinced him to accept my offer.

January 2015. Sant Andreu, Barcelona. Bruno arrives late and gets into the theatre with the orchestra already playing. It seems he feels as a beginner at first. I feel guilty to have convinced him to jump into this adventure. I pass him the microphone and we begin with Fly on the Moon’s intro. He gets comfortable gradually. Two hours later he is completely into it and ends the first trial hopeful. He now has more job to do, study all the songs!!!

April 2015. SaT Theatre, Sant Andreu, Barcelona. Bruno appears with an elegant smoking, tailor-made for the occasion. Even Sinatra would have been impressed by Bruno’s elegance. Sinatra would probably have invited him to martinis along with Rat Pack. During the show, Bruno shows his best face and performs incredibly. At the end we hugged each other, both conscious of such a successful show.

April 2016. Kursaal Theatre, Manresa. After one year performing, Bruno and I have been able to even improve the quality of each performance. Both the music and the interpretation itself. Furthermore, and after Pep Roig’s (from Temps Record) perseverance and implication, after the “Dream Big Band’s” energy and after David Casamitjana’s talent behind the scenes we all have been able to record a CD that will always preserve this amazing experience.

But… Does anyone buy CD’s anymore? This one is going to be the one!!!

Now it’s time to stop reading, close your eyes and enjoy the music.

Enjoy the show!!!!

Vicens Martín   Barcelona, July 2016