Sobre una corda

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Grimpallunes presents his second album “Sobre una cuerda”. A compilation of 11 very diverse and stimulating songs designed for children and families who come to play, dance, values and fun.

All the subjects are made up of Grimpallunes, with the production of Ramon Vagué. To register the Cd they have had the collaboration of other musicians

Grimpallunes is born in the hands of Estel Franch and Eva Talens more than 15 years ago with the intention of carrying out a project aimed at the world of children’s entertainment. Currently, the 4 components are: Estel Franch (guitar and voice), Eva Talens (voice and minor percussion), Ramon Vagué (electric bass), Xavi Garcia (drawer). Grimpallunes offer family shows through dance, play and music where children are the protagonists.

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