De sota els pins

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“De Sota els Pins”, Pares discographic dayview, it is an album that hops gracefully between the singer-songwriter genre and american epic folk style with a dash of psychedelia, where the assembly of different voices carefully rounds atmospheres of delicate melancholy.

In the audition of every song you can perceive the flair of an artisan recording process. Recorded in the shelter of Mi Casa Telefono Records using only solar energy with the work of different musicians that have collaborated with Espinola throughout the years.

The author has built its own imagery for “De Sota Els Pins, focused on unconventional narrative structures, shying away from the pop and folk radio blueprint. In songs like “Mentre escriguis contes” ,“Illa malDiva” or “L’iceberg” you can feel a clearly experimental and playful spirit, and the band shows us all its vocal strength and voracious instrumentation.

On the other hand “Sense fer fum”, ”Tant…”, “Passen els núvols” or “De sota els pins” take us to more introspective rhythms where the weight of the song is focused on the very personal voice of David Espinola and the visual poetry of his lyrics. The disc also includes a Catalan cover of the tune “Society” by Jerry Hannan, that rose to popularity following Eddie Vedder’s adaptation of the song, recorded for the film, Into the Wild by Sean Pann. The album closes with “Bressol de Cançó,” an instrumental lullaby based on Celtic music, that Spinola has written for his firstborn child.