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Jazz is the mother of all modern music. The root from which genres are born as popular as rock, pop, funk or hip hop. An expression with more than one hundred years of history and a range of the most transversal. That’s why it’s an ideal music to discover and enjoy with the family. Because he likes both children and adults, because he does not understand boundaries or borders, and because he adapts seamlessly to any culture and language.

“Viatjazz in New Orleans” (Temps Record 2017) is a different and fun way to get closer to jazz. An unprecedented and innovative proposal that explains the musical fact through constant dialogue with one of the greatest exponents of urban art: graphite. A record that connects original compositions of Roger Canals with standards of dixieland and swing, and a repertoire that will open the doors of jazz to the youngest without resorting to the clichés and avoiding the childish languages.

The songs of “Viatjazz in New Orleans” are the backbone of one of the most applauded spectacles of the CIA. Roger Canals. An educational concert that has been presented in venues around the country, including the Black Music Festival, the Jardines de Pedralbes Festival and the Mostra d’Igualada, and that we can finally listen to both physical format (CD) and Digital platforms The cd edition includes song lyrics, news releases, abundant graphic material and even a graphite kit so that we can illustrate the cover itself.

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