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VIURE !? is the second album of Enric Llucià Group. Recorded half in the live concert held at the Centre de Cultura Popular “La Violeta”on February 24, 2018, and the other half in Trostudi’s recording studio, on the autumn of the same year. Mixed and mastered by Sixto Cámara during the first months of 2019. Edited by Temps Record.

Seven songs with lyrics and music by Enric Llucià. One of them with music by Pep O’Callaghan (“Que n’és de llarg el teu viatge”) and a version of the song Que tinguem sort by Lluís Llach (arrangements by Pep O’Callaghan)

Seven themes to  enjoy LIVING (VIURE)
In the recording of this album, have participated:
Enric Llucià. Veu & guitar.
Pep O’Callaghan. Guitar.
Àlex Ventura. Battery and percussion
Chiara Giani Baix
Ruben Bes. Teclats
Ignasi Zamora. baix i guitar
Rai Ferrer: Contrabaix

Technical team live recording: Sixto Camara, Pau Vinyoles.

Produced: Ignasi Zamora