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The new record work “a2” (Temps Record, 2019) by Javier Vizcaíno infuses us, through a precise and energetic rhythm, a decided optimism when we listen to it, in a very own and particular language. At other times, it is the purest lyricism that emerges in an intimate environment, as reminiscent of impressions and memories.

The a2 title is used in the orchestral nomenclature to define that the interpretation of a single instrumental part is destined to two instruments.

In this way, the title of the album describes the format used in a series of compositions written a2, for clarinet and piano, performed magnificently on the album by clarinetist José Miguel Azorín Marco and Javier Vizcaíno on piano. The rest of the pieces that make up the album are written for piano only performed by the composer himself.