Anaïs Vila

Anaïs Vila (Santpedor, 1988) published “Between els dits”, his first album of own songs Temps Record (January 2015). After making tour of Catalonia, Andorra and Minorca as a singer in various groups of versions for almost a decade, Anaïs Vila brings together the songs that have been created over the last three years and began his own project, where he signed the letter and music all the themes.

In “Between els dits” will accompany four young musicians Jordi Blanes “Small”, Joseph Cordovan, Mateo Peramiquel and David Garcia) and collaborate Oriol Guillén, Sandra SANGIAO (BGKO) and Manu Guix. Has also co-produced and some arrangements Pep Soler. Alongside his project as a songwriter, Anaïs Vila continues singing and guitar concerts versions Mona Green, vermouth, Sandra and Anaïs and M & A and part of Anamorfosis, a combination of poetic and musical creations with the young poet Anna Gual .

Vila Anaïs is also a journalist, and combines music with radio, directing a children’s program on Radio Santpedor and live remixing classics in M80 Radio (2013-14). He was trained as a musician in the EMMS during his childhood and adolescence and received classical singing lessons of modern Czech Nuria and Gemma singing Abrié, Errol Woisky, Isabel Llanos and Isabel Castro. He studied a year of musical comedy Coco Comin School of Barcelona and Master in Theatre Studies and cultural program by the Institute of Theatre of Barcelona and UAB. Currently, he continues his musical training in the center of Barcelona Gershwin Vocal Studio and the Taller de Musics.