Anaïs Vila

Anaïs Vila (born in 1988, in Santpedor, Barcelona) is a Catalan singer and songwriter who sings primarily in Catalan.

She has published “Entre els dits” (Temps Record, 2015), “Fosc, cançons per veure-hi clar” (Temps Record, 2017) and “Contradiccions” (Temps Record, 2020). She has performed at the Barcelona Guitar Festival (May 2015), the Strenes Festival in Girona (April 2016), Vesprades de Fonollosa Fest (July 2016), the Barnasants Festival (2017 and 2018) or the Altacústic (2019). Finalist of the Descoberta awards and Enderrock Awards as a Best New Artist and Best Songwriter for the song “Entre els dits” in 2016, Vila also presented her songs in Liverpool in December 2017.

She studied at EMM of Santpedor during her childhood and adolescence, received lessons in classical singing by Núria Checa and modern singing by Gemma Abrié, Errol Woisky, Isabel de Llanos and Rubén Fernández, four years of vocal technique with Elisabeth Castro and one year with Mariona Castillo, with whom she continues working voice and body. She has studied one year of musical comedy at Coco Comín School in Barcelona and two years of Jazz and Modern Music at Taller de Músics in Barcelona.

In 2016-17 she studied Foundation Certificate in Pop Music & Music Technology in the specialty of songwriting at LIPA (Liverpool Institute For Performing Arts), the prestigious arts school founded by Paul McCartney.

Anaïs Vila also has a degree in journalism at UAB and a Master’s degree in Theater Studies at Institut del Teatre – UAB, and she has combined music with radio, managing musical selection on Ona Bages-Moianès, and directing a children’s program on Radio Santpedor (2012-15), the music program “Efecte Sonor” on Ona Bages (2016-17) and playing live covers of classical songs on M80 Ràdio (2013-14).