Ariadna Rulló

Born in Barcelona on May 13, 1985, Ariadna Rulló spent her first two years in an atmosphere of love and music. Her father would babysit her as he wrote his songs at his old piano. Thus her infancy went hand in hand with his musical creativity.

The Rullós then moved to Santa Eulàlia de Ronçana, a small town in a fertile country suburb north of Barcelona. In the company of her grand-parents on her mother’s side, and in the midst of lush, green rolling hills, Ariadna grew up in an atmosphere of great love for nature and animals, and also made great friends.

Always carrying her small notebook where she would jot down her thoughts and feelings, 14-year-old Ariadna wrote her first song as a result of her obsession with the Moon. That is when she started combining her writings with the few guitar chords her father had taught her.

In 2001 she took up drumming at Rock music school in Granollers, in the outskirts of Barcelona. It was in that town where she played as a drummer in her first punk-rock band. Later she became the lead singer for different local bands, which also taught her a great deal about musical composition.

At the age of 20 Ariadna goes through a deep personal crisis, which made her focus strongly on her inner self and her self-growth. That is also when she becomes more seriously involved in songwriting while simultaneously diving into the world of electronic music and music editing software with the love and support from her beloved friend Arnau Vallvé, one of her musical career’s cornerstones.

In early 2009 Ariadna moves to downtown Barcelona, where she combines her yoga and meditation practices with her singing with different bands, with which she shares her own songs.

In 2012 she finally begins recording her first solo album with close friend and music teacher Jordi Pegenaute as producer.