Ben Roig

Ben Roig is born on May 23, 2014, but the seed of its idea is already growing back in the 90s with Pintada en Blau, a band that cultivated what the members themselves were calling ‘siphonic rock’. The band publishes six tracks on an EP (Sistemes) and records five more which remain unpublished.

In 2007, the original band members (Salva Puig, Valentí Adell, Rubèn Intente and Jordi Fils) decide to record part of their repertoire in an album at Vapor Studio (Sabadell). The recording process starts well, but after disagreements and dissatisfaction with one part of the production and the slow pace of work, the project reaches a dead-end in 2012 and is abandoned.

Since some of the were almost ready for release, in 2014 Jordi Fils decides to start a new project solely focused on his own compositions: Ben Roig. In addition, a few more songs are written in order to produce an LP.

Fils, together with producer Valentí Adell, completes the recording with Josep Tvrdy at Vapor Studio, incorporating Isaac Elias (who had previously been part of Pintada en Blau in its final phase), Jordi Farreras, Laura Llopart and Mars Torrent.

The mixing of the LP takes place in September and October 2015 with Josep Roig and Eric Roldan at Temps Record Estudi (Terrassa), and in November of the same year Sean Magee oversees the mastering at Abbey Road Studios (London).

On December 10, 2015, Ben Roig’s first album is published: Fi d’una segona dècada plena de papallones.

1. Flors amb peus

2. Diorames errants (Fi d’una segona dècada plena de papallones)

3. Analogia d’un dels vint flams de pedra en plena descomposició

4. El nen groc


5. La joiosa ambició que ens va parir (Part 3)

6. La joiosa ambició que ens va parir (Part 2)

7. Son freda

8. La joiosa ambició que ens va parir (Reprise)

9. Estiu, tardor, hivern, primavera

10. Taronja (Part 2)