Bippo was conceived as a band in 2006 in the coastal town of Masnou (Barcelona), with the intention of bring to life the musical project of its creative core formed by Ramon Sales and Daniel P. Laudo. Both artists are sharing musical career since the late eighties, first as part of the rock band “Cap Problema” (Cap Problema – 1992 – Audiovisuals de Sarria – Ref.-20.1507) and later as a duo, releasing their first self-produced work in 1995 (Ramón Sales y Daniel Laudo … Con la mente limpia – 1995 – Sin Problemas producciones fonográficas – DL B-2437-95). Bippo was born with the idea of creating a band with unique character, a project that allows them to develop their own songs while maintaining a clear commitment: sing songs that are accessible to all audiences while remaining faithful at all times to his unconditional love for the job well done, the best quality of sound and subtle details for discerning ears, giving to lyrics the deserved treatment and allowing to the various influences that for years they had from the inexhaustible sources of rock, soul, funk and blues flow out and could eventually converge on a very personal pop style. In September 2007, the musician from Barcelona Xavi Martin joined to the band as bassist. In 2009, the project was temporarily frozen. Already into 2010, they began to gradually restart the project, and the close relationship of the group with the newly emerging recording studio Salestudi was consolidated, determining factor in the history of the band. Already in the year 2011 and after several drummers passed through the band, they make the decision to refocus their objectives and redefine themselves as a trio, redistributing tasks and instruments, absorbing Ramon Sales all responsibility in the rhythm base, while Xavi Martin reprises his main instrument, the guitar, and then focus mainly studio work, where they spend the following months recording, arranging and shaping a handful of songs that, from autumn 2012, will select the seven songs that will definitively recorded to form the first bippo’s work to be published (Temps Record 2015).