Carles Cases

Carles Cases is a musician with classical and jazz music. He has directed and has been part of several jazz, chamber music, big band … and has composed important singers from that country. He is currently devoted entirely to the composition of soundtracks for cinema and to the dissemination of his work through concerts.

Carles Cases is undoubtedly one of the best composers currently in our country and one of the most prestigious in Europe. He is also a pianist, cellist and conductor. Thanks to his exhaustive academic training, his extraordinary talent and constant work has been able to carry out great works that can be said that they are already part of the rich artistic heritage of our country.
His compositions have shaped mainly soundtracks of countless Catalan films, but also Spanish, European and American. Requested even from the ever-whimsical and inaccessible world of Hollywood -where he has also left his legacy-, Carles Casas has admired all over the world people who know how to value and recognize art and genius.
Cases also composed music for their orchestras, and has been responsible for the musical direction and arrangements of the singer-songwriter Lluís Llach in its musically shining moments.
Many things can be said about him, but there is one that does not allow discussion: the name of Carles Cases is inseparable from Music, with capital letters. Or Music, by Carles Cases. How do you like it better.