Christian Penalba

The Valencian singer CHRISTIAN PENALBA was born in l’Alcúdia (in the region of the Ribera Alta) in 1984, and at the age of ten he had his first contact with popular culture, when he joined, as a dancer, the Grup de Dansa de l’Alcúdia. It was in this group where he learned to sing albaes, thanks to the teacher Pep Moreno.

The year 2009 he became part of the Group de Balls Populars Les Folies de Carcaixent (formation of which it is still part). And shortly after he started the cant d’estilclasses at the Universitat Popular de València, with the help of the prestigious Victoria Sousa.

Currently, apart from his performances with Les Folies, he sings albaesregularly, and now he has decided to take the step and record his first album, following in the footsteps of his brother Jonatan, who debuted in 2018 with the album “De soca- rel”.