The artistic name of EXESS is the alter ego of the experienced guitarist, singer and songwriter born in Barcelona, Xavier Soranells (playing with his initials XS). His new musical project introduces a Pop-Blues sound cooked up in Barcelona. A careful production with Mediterranean roots that becomes a stunning live show.

His passion for the guitar started early when he was very young and as an adolescent he played in different bands with friends. After completing studies, he moved to the USA to play with local blues bands in the area of Massachussets. Later on he studied at the prestigious Berklee College of Music University in Boston.

EXESS aims to be more open and heterogeneous in comparison to all the artist had done so far. He crosses the boundaries of Blues, Soul and R&B in order to approach this fresh sound with new musicians, modern composition and more demanding standards in the recording quality of his work.

All songs are representative of the lately stage of the artist, with a clear predominance of the sound of the guitar and voice. Arrangements and composition become more solid, and sound quality reaches levels of excellence thanks to an accurate production.

The album is produced by the Spanish renowned Jaime Stinus with the collaboration of excellent musicians, backing vocalist and musical arrangers. The work has been mastered at Abbey Road studios in London and will be launched in 2016.


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