Javier Sólo

Javier Just, a popular musician from the city of Terrassa and settled in Lleida since 2012, presents his new album “Mejor Sólo y bien Acompañado” (Best Only and Well Accompanied)(Temps Record 2018), in which 43 artists have participated including Lichis, Litus, Miki Santamaría, Miki Florensa, Joel Rovira, Daniel Higiénico, David Muñoz Gnaposs, Daniel Felices and Jurandir Santana.

The project has been recorded between Madrid, Menorca and Terrassa from June 2017 until October 2018. Mastering has been carried out in prestigious studios, and winners of several Grammy Latinos, Post Modern Mastering by Andre Dias in Brazil .

For the presentation tour that will take you to several Spanish cities, it will be accompanied by The band of the neighbor.

The Band of the Neighbor are: Irene Garcés, Edu Corral, Carlos Cerezo and Josep Pagés, all of them very well-known in the musical scene of Ponent and that also have participated in the disc.

Rock, Ska or Reggae sounds blend in a blunt live, with very sharp lyrics, which leave no one indifferent.