Jordi Lapsus Guitar

Starting in 1968, a cardboard and wood guitar with 7 years is produced. From his teens to the present time he has been influenced by British progressive rock of the 70’s.

Having spent several stages, his creativity has not stopped at any time, thus arriving in 2014 when he released his first album “CONTRALLUMS” (16 tracks) and in which he recorded all the instruments of A record that all of them correspond to different years of their creativity.

Jordi Lapsus defines himself as a musician, draftsman, painter and poet, is considered a Mike Oldfield but (in Catalan) at his level.

His live activity has not stopped at any time, having played in different places in Catalonia and being better known (apart from the Vallès Occidental) in Osona, Alt Urgell, Segarra, Urgell, among others.