Jose Cañal

Jose Cañal is a singer and composer born in Barcelona. His voice is his most powerful weapon and this is reflected in his influences, which include artists such as Michael Jackson, Eric Benét and the vocal jazz of Take 6.

After his a cappella project, he captained the cover band Éisac Project, which led him to play in mythical theaters such as Luz de Gas (Barcelona), and with musicians members of the Muchachito Bombo Infierno metal section. It was during his career with Éisac Project that Jose Cañal began his first works as a musical dubbing actor.

As a singer, he has been the main voice of the Spanish dubbing of Charlie, and the Chocolate Factory, as well as participating musically in other great audiovisual productions such as Polar Express, Ice Age 2, Madagascar, Brother Bear, Brave, Trolls, etc. Currently, he continues to put his voice on soundtracks of different films and series of platforms such as Netflix and Amazon.

Currently, one of its major projects is its YouTube channel, which in less than 3 years has accumulated more than 12 million visits and more than 100K subscribers. Spanish versions of songs by Ed Sheeran, Hoobastank or Christina Perri have consolidated the artist’s network. The reaction of his audience in the network, has encouraged him to start working with his own compositions.

In addition, it is part of the Recover group, a band composed of two members (piano and guitar), with which they perform covers of current and commercial songs in an acoustic version.