Josep Roig

Josep Roig, his activity has been, for the most part, the composition of soundtracks for cinema and series for TV and animation, working for producers such as Neptuno Films, D’Ocon Films, Universal, Sauthern Star, has also composed the band soundtrack for short films, audiovisuals and theater.

Since the beginning of his professional career, he has worked closely with the audiovisual director, Josep Lluís Viciana, and producer Antoni D’Ocon as a composer of the soundtrack in such well-known products as “The Fruitties”, “The magic world of Magic Bruffi “,” Los Aurones “,” El patito feo “,” La Vaca Connie “,” Sea Princesses “, among others.

He has collaborated in more than 300 phonographic productions as a sound technician, musical producer and composer. One of these productions, “Lovers of Lilith” by Lídia Pujol, was named in the 20 best record productions of Womex in 2008.