Marçal Ramon

Born in March 1992 Lliça d’Amunt. Nómada enamored Vallès Oriental. Violinist frus-tered and diatonic accordion fortunately. However, stubborn by nature. He left after ten years the violin to play the diatonic accordion, an instrument with which to make a living. Humble carambolesc ESMUC student and interpreter. Virtuosity and avoids any kind of inter-role pretatiu. Lively defender of the instrument as a means, not purpose. Its maximum desire is to be a messenger of more traditional music of our country for generations. Explorer to flying blind new horizons for the diatonic accordion. Emotional lover of traditional culture and po-ular Catalan, their music, their parties, their dances and cuisine. Compo-accountholders and arranger. He is happy when you can sit with a grandfather full of stories to tell and in-ing of songs. Tireless dancer jacks, rumbas, Sardana, dance and contrapassos plan. Admirer of the great teachers who have taught to live and clinging to the earth. We seem to remember that he won a small prize for poetry.