Miquel Gil

Miquel Gil is an artist endowed with an undeniable work but difficult to catalog: fleeting, erratic, restless …

Nobody forced him to leave Al Tall, but in the late eighties, the singer of Catarroja (Valencia) needed to breathe other airs and transgress the limits of folk to get into the roads, little explored at that time, miscegenation and world music . Thus he created, at the end of the century, South Terminal, a group full of good ideas and ahead of his time. With the turn of the century, Miquel Gil began the solo career with “Orgánico”, which was aimed in a very good direction: contemporary poetry and contemporary music.

“Terregada” with Psàlite and Lídia Pujol; “Katà”, “En directo”, with Savina Yanatou and the Arab Orchestra of Barcelona; “Axes”, with Manel Camp and David Pastor; “X Martians” complete their catalog edited until today. Little lover of comfortable territories, in recent years he has interpreted free jazz, opera and contemporary improvisation music looking sideways at the sounds of Valencian roots and, by extension, Mediterranean.

And so, in 2019, it presents a new album, “Geometries”, which will come loaded with polyhedral and surprisingly sound elements in the roads of the earthly investigation of Mediterranean music.

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