Sangre de Mayo

Sangre de Mayo is a group of music formed between Murcia and Barcelona, ​​whose musical extension ranges from the most classic Pop to Rock, with some nuances close to Punk Rock and Metal.
To this day, it consists of two published models (The dream of my life and My angels of the guard), with 14 songs each and a first disc (What they hide your eyes). The name of the group refers to the date of birth of the founder of the group, which was born on May 3, coinciding with the shootings that took place in Madrid on May 3, 1808. This group from the beginning, has sought to claim with letters , the rights and freedoms of people and animals. To date, we have collaborated financially with various solidarity projects, and carried out various performances in Murcia and surrounding areas, among which we can highlight the ones made in “La puerta falsa”, “café de alba”, “Ithaca”, “Fuzz Factory”, “Vasundhara Bar “,” soldier of lead “,” La Cuna tetería Elche “,” Hanged happy and gin club “,” Auditorio de cabezo de torres “, Contraclub (Madrid) among others. We have also been invited to perform in various Radio Stations of the region and Barcelona with a fixed objective, that is, to fight to get as far as possible, without losing the essence that characterizes us.