Sant Andreu Jazz Band

SANT ANDREU Jazz Band. The St. Andreu, the Big Band  Europe’s youngest Jazz Band is a band born in the School of Music of St. Andrew in 2006 that was released officially in the jazz section of the International Festival of Young jazz. Also played in the first edition of Classic Jazz Non Stop created by the Catalan Foundation for the Preservation of Classic Jazz. <br> 2007 returned to play at the International Festival of Jazz and Jazz Festival Barcelona in the jazz section of young, first in the Auditorium and the Music Palace after sharing the stage with the Black Locomotive. During 2009 they performed at the International Jazz Festival, as well as a concert programming, and Tarragona Dixieland Festival. They recorded their first CD and DVD entitled “Jazzing” Live with renowned soloists as Ignatius Terrace, Josep Maria Farrás Dani Alonso and Ricard Gili. They have collaborated with musicians such as Scott Robinson, Dick Oatts, Charles Martin, Josep Maria Farràs Ricard Gili Julius Aymí, Matew Simon Sallago Clara, Pepe Robles, Ignasi Terraza Josep Traver Sergi Verges, Dani Alonso Galvez Curro between Others. Over the course of 2010 have provided more than 20 concerts in prestigious jazz festivals such as Barcelona, Sant Pol de Mar, Platja d’Aro, click on High, Buenos Aires, etc.,. The main concert will also musical workshops and collaborates with renowned Avignon Perico Sambeat and Laura Simms interpretan part of Duke Ellington’s Sacred Concert, within CAN FREE concerts scheduled. SAINT ANDREW THE JAZZ BAND, has been chosen by popular vote as “Best new proposal” Jaç Awards 2009 organized group Enderrock. LAST UPDATE May 2010 Elsa Armengou 7 years (trumpet) Dawn Armengou 10 years (trumpet) …. Stephen White 11 years (alto sax and sopra) Eduard Ferrer 12 years (alto sax, tenor and baritone) John Marti 12 years (sax cease) Carla Motis 14 years (guitar, ukulele, banjo) Magali Datzira 14 years (bass) Carlos Vazquez 16 years (tenor sax, alto flute and travesera) Iscle Datzira 16 years (tenor sax, alto, soprano and clarinet) 16 Andrea Motis years (trumpet, alto and soprano and voice) Paula Berzal 16 years (trombone and voice) Jaume Ferrer 17 years (tenor sax and clarinet) Dani years 17 Téllez (trombone) 17 years Eva Fernandez (soprano sax, alto, baritone, clarinet and trumpet) Raul Castro 18 years (tuba and trombone) Martin Ibanez 18 years (trumpet) Mark Martin 18 years (piano) Pablo Fernandez 19 years (trumpet and saxophone), Arnau Julia 19 years (drums) Chamorro (Address) Montserrat Jorba (Directorate of Ayudante)