Venancio y los jóvenes de antaño

Love, heartbreak and wool sweaters: Venancio, with the invaluable support of young Olden, offers a light-hearted and verse to modern life look. They make own songs and acoustic format, peppered with a few versions of poems set to music Casasses, Raul Rivero and Garcia Montero.

Based on the bolero and Cuban son with shameless incursions into jazz, ranchera, rumba and even Mallorcan jotas, these five brave rid the world an original and brilliant repertoire to loosen the hearts of young people today and forever.

In November 2010 Acoustic Contest winners Barcelona in 2011 have been elConcurso Songwriters 3th in Horta-Guinardó (BCN) and en2012 have won the “Concert” contest Concerts privats proclaimed. In addition, in July 2013 have been released along with the Col·lectiu the blind, the circus show “Violet” and in February 2014 published its first album, Life on a Tuesday (Temps Record).


Venancio are Dani Alvarez (voice), Joan Gil (guitar), Bernat Torras (percussion), Gerard Cantero (bass) and Leo Torres (trumpet).