Vicenç Solsona & Jordi Farrés

Vicenç Solsona he has collaborated with artists such as Paquito D’ Rivera, Isaac Delgado, José Alberto “El Canario”, Javier Colina, Danilo Perez, Deena Rose, Horacio  “The Black”, Giovanni Hidalgo, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Delmar Brown Chris Kase, Bernardo Sassetti, Patato Valdes, Angá, Perico Sambeat, Joan Diaz, Luis Salinas, David Gómez, Guillermo McGill, Joan Monné, Josep Cucurella, Antonio Serrano.

He has accompanied singers like Jose Luis Perales, Maria del Mar Bonet, Manolo Garcia, Nina, Lucrecia, Rocio Jurado, Marina Rossell, Nevoa, Gabino Pampini, Chavela Vargas ..

In his discography as a leader he emphasizes  “Belmonte”, “Insomne”, “ida y Vuelta”, ”Vicenç Solsona Quartet” and “Passejada”.

As a side-man has an extensive discography with more than forty recordings throughout his career.

In the educational field teaches guitar, instrumental ensemble of jazz and Latin music in the ESEM – Taller de Musics since 1988.



Jordi Farrés he has accompanied musicians such as Jim Snidero, Peter Zak, Walter Smith III, Tony Reedus, Will Vinson, Perico Sambeat, Scott Withfield, Marc Miralta, Jordi Bonell, etc. He has played with Raul Reverter Quartet, Raynald Colom Trio, Quartet and “Piazzolla Monk Crossings”, Llibert Fortuny Duet, Joan Monné Duet, “Guitarreando” with Vicenç Solsona, JazzTerrassa BigBand, etc. In 2011 he premiered in Spain Tristan Perich’s “Interference Logic” for guitar quartet.

In the popular/traditional music field he has accompanied artists such as Lluis Llach, Maria del Mar Bonet, Nena Venetsanou, Mercedes Peon, David Alegret, Cris Juanico, Miquel Gil, Alessio Lega or Gorka Knorr.

He has recorded “Sofàs, telèfons i dibuixants de còmics” and “Trop’s in Jazz” with Raul Reverter Quartet, “Entre amigos” with Raynald Colom Quartet, “Lord Jim Suite” with Publio Delgado Jazz Ensemble, “The George Van Eps Transcriptions” playing Solo Guitar, Núria González Cols “Boleros” and several colaborations with the composer Carles Cases; “C.C. diu Llach”, “Nocturns” and “Araguaia”, of which he has been musical producer.


At this time he teaches Jazz Guitar, Improvisation and Jazz Ensemble at ESEM – Taller de Músics in Barcelona.