Xavi Tasies

Xavi Tasies, a percussionist born in Barcelona in 1962, was a student of Pedrito Diaz and Ricardo Hochbergen, and has training in the Classroom of Modern and Jazz Music and in the Workshop of Musics.

He spent long periods in Brazil deepening and expanding his knowledge about the different rhythms and instruments of the tropical country, later also traveled to Cuba several times for the same purpose.

Specialist in small instruments, effects and environmental percussion, he took part and collaborated both in live performances and in recordings with bands such as Elèctrica Dharma, Tactequeté, La fura dels baus, Azucarillo Kings and Euclydes Mattos, among others.

In 2013 he published his first solo album “Fun-Tasies” (Temps Record, 2013); Now he brings us more fantasies with his second album, in which European (Iberian), African (Senegal) and American (Brazil, Cuba, United States and Venezuela) musicians collaborate. “El Retorn” (Temps Record, 2019) is a sound story for children of all ages, in which the listener is the protagonist. A journey through different imaginary worlds, more or less exotic, intriguing … Different stages of the same dream.