Rah-mon Roma

He began to load the guitar back to a very tender age and was determined to stomp around the stage in 1984 In 1990 he became professional storyteller and children’s entertainer singer. Since then, it has become a tired -vora actuacions- 4000, and has never tired. Fight tooth and nail to establish a direct and honest with the public, without forgetting to offer that touches a polished performance, both serious and playful, musical and pedagogical quality, attractive and dynamic, tender and wild.

Offers three different types of shows:

Children’s entertainment in the menudalla and their parents or teachers take an active singing and dancing. From the stage, he and the musicians accompanying slogans axis, so that the participció is full.

Theatrical. Stories, songs and stories with theme and set.

Small format for libraries, classes … for small groups of children, family or school.

However, also offers workshops and training for young people, instructors, leaders, teachers …