Our recording studio offers the best technology for any kind of music productions. We provide a top quality service, thanks to over 20 years of experience in the music recording and our high quality equipment. One of the key points to provide you a high quality service is our outboard, console, software and microphones. And especially the more of 200 artists and groups who have gone through our study.Temps Record adapts to your needs, that’s why we have a mastering online service and a mobile unit for outdoor recordings. THE BEST OPTION FOR YOUR MUSICAL PROJECT !

More than 20 years of expertise endorse our work.


In Temps Record we have a large variety of high quality microphones and outboard. This allow us to offer a high quality service in order to satisfy the artists, composers and producers needs.
This is an excellent combination between analogical and digital technology to ensure that your projects are in the avant-garde of sound.
In addition, to adapt to any of your needs, we have a mobile-unit to live recordings in any space.


Mastering is the last step in the production process which ensures that the music is at its best and with the highest quality sound. Thanks also to our large experience and a last generation analog equipment. We make the Masters in DDP.

Mastering Online

Lulabysound is our online service that provides you the possibility to work with us and with our equipment without having to move to our studio, both mixing and mastering.


We have a wide variety of microphones. Among which we include microphones of the highest range of Neumann and Telefunken.


Our outboard consists of a varied and diverse equipment in order to get a warmer sound and more possibilities for our clients sound. We had analog micro preamp and valves compressors, like SSL, Pultec, Neve…




Recording, mixing, mastering



Recording assistant and mixing